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Primal Striking and BJJ is built on a foundation of lineage and experience that extends over the decades.  Our coaches personally have over 15 years of training and experience and are ranked under some of the most incredible and legitimate instructors anywhere.  We are here to provide you quality training at any level that you wish to experience we are beginner friendly as well as capable of training pro fighters.  What ever your needs are we are here for you.

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Joe "Formiga" Cortez

Coach Formiga is a veteran capoeirista of more than 20 years, a professional Muay Thai fighter, a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under World Champion Fabio Novaes, and a Judo Brown Belt.   

Justin Terrell

Coach Justin Terrell started his martial arts journey in 2004 with Kru Dan Rawlings of Griffonrawl Muay Thai, after several years of Muay Thai he discovered his love for Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and started training No-GI in 2006.  In 2011 he met Professor Fabio Novaes and has been under him ever since.  Winning medals at Ibjjf, Naga and Newbreed competitions along his journey.  He is now a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under World Champion Fabio Novaes, and has continued his study of Muay Thai and Judo for over 16 years.

Frank Anthony Alagna Jr

Coach Frankie is a high pace motivator who loves God and helping to build confidence and discipline in both youth and adults through boxing aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
(Frankie BoxCamp)
He has helped thousands of students reach their goals in weight loss, boxing, education, and in life. He has coached many amateur and professional fighters in Boxing and MMA. He has coached in State, National, and International boxing tournaments. His Central New York Golden Glove team have won 11 State titles since 2014. He has coached National Collegiate Boxing champions at Syracuse University in 2019, and brought a team to the WBC Vieques International Boxing tournament in Puerto Rico in 2018. Boxing is his passion and in just one class with him you will be hooked.
Boxing resume:
Undefeated Professional Boxer
100+ amateur bouts. 2X All Army Boxer, 5x Empire State Games medalist. NYS Fair tournament Champion 2003.
2004 Golden Glove Champion/National Quarter finalist.
International US Vs Canada

Leanna Ramirez

Leanna Ramirez has been doing martial arts for three years under coach Joe Cortez. She is a level one Muay Thai. practitioner and a personal trainer for primal striking.  She offers kick boxing, cardio and weight loss, athletic training, strength and conditioning, injury rehab and Muay Thai. She has experience working with clients with strokes, TIA’s, cerebral palsy, children and athletes.  Leanna Ramirez works hard to see her clients be the best version of themselves.

James Rugar

James Rugar has been training for 18 years! Experienced in Muay Thai and Dutch kickboxing  and has Amateur fights in Muay thai and Sanshou. He has been coaching for 7 years.

Jomar "Jay" Perez

Jomar Perez started his journey in fitness and MMA at the age of 8.  He served in the United States Marines as a Martial Artist & Combatives Trainer.  He became a personal trainer in NYC and has competed in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and BJJ.  He also has experience in Strength training, bodybuilding and mobility training.

Joe "Jitsu" Campbell

Coach Joe Campbell is a Blue Belt in Jiu-Jitsu under Coach Justin Terrell and Joe Cortez, a level one Muay Thai practitioner, a personal trainer and expert in fitness and conditioning.